Business Incubation Cell (BIC)


We believe that emerging economies like India need the drive of the new and young breed of worthy entrepreneurs who target their efforts on innovative ways to technologically address the genuine needs of millions of people. Motivated by this vision, IIEC targets on fostering entrepreneurship culture amongst the students and establishing necessary support systems for aspiring entrepreneurs with the our inbuilt . This is achieved through a number of activities such as Discussion forums, Speaker sessions, B-plan competitions, summer internships and online seminars by industry leaders which enable our members to bring their ideas to life. We deeply encourage the self development of our members through the groundbreaking concept of E-School.

Currently Incubated

Frisko -

Frisko is an online website which allows tourists and travellers to check their visa requirements to a destination country. They are currently building an app to allow users to apply for e-visas though Frisko web app without having to go to a travel agent.