Language technology and digital humanities are two interconnected fields that support technology to explore, analyze, and enhance our understanding of human language and culture. This field amalgamates linguistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive psychology to develop systems that comprehend, analyze, generate, and translate human language.
Language technology, also known as natural language processing (NLP) or computational linguistics, involves the development of computer systems that can understand, interpret, and generate human language in a way that is both meaningful and contextually relevant. Whereas, Digital humanities (DH) is an interdisciplinary field that combines humanities research with the use of technology, particularly digital tools and methods, to analyze and explore cultural artifacts, historical documents, literature, and other aspects of human culture.
The intersection of Language Technology and Digital Humanities includes Language technology tools, such as sentiment analysis or named entity recognition, can be applied to analyze large volumes of text in digital humanities research. Language technology contributes to the creation of linguistic resources, such as annotated corpora or lexicons, which are valuable for digital humanities projects. Digital humanities projects often support language technology to enhance access to cultural heritage materials through digitization, transcription, and annotation.
The primary goal of LTDH-2024 is to invite original papers from the scholars, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from around the world to explore the field of Language Technology and Digital Humanities in order to develop innovative tools and methodologies that contribute to a deeper exploration of human experiences and expressions.
The International Conference on Language Technology and Digital Humanities(LTDH-2024) shall be organized by the IIMT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India during July 5th- 6th, 2024. The conference provides a platform to consider the specific needs and interests related to the current trends in the field of Language Technology and Digital Humanities and to explore the overarching goals of advancing knowledge and collaboration in language technology and digital humanities.

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1st March , 2024

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31st March, 2024

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19th April, 2024

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5th May, 2024

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16th June, 2024

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July 5th-6th, 2024

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