Paper Registration

Details about Registration Fees

1. The regular registration fee is Rs.20,000.
2. For a full-time student (first author), the registration fee is Rs.20,000; a valid student identity card is required.
3. Each paid registration only covers one paper under the name of corresponding author.
4. For sponsors and teams to submit multiple papers, please contact the conference secretary/manager; each author (corresponding author) can submit at most 2 papers.
5. If a paper exceeds 6 pages, an extra page fee of Rs.2,000/page will be charged starting from page 7.
6. The registration outside of India can be paid according the present currency rate.
7. Registration fee covers conference material, lunch, coffee Break and conference kit during the conference.
8. At least one author of each article should attend the conference and present the paper in person or in the form of video or poster.
9. If you are willing to attend the conference and do presentation without publishing your paper, please email us for an application.
10. Please ensure that all registration fees are paid to us through the banking system in strict accordance with the registration form; the invoice information must be carefully checked with the author's financial department.

Category Indian Foreigners
Research Scholar INR 20,000 USD 300
Academician INR 25,000 USD 350
Industry INR 30,000 USD 400
Additional Pages (Exceeding 6 pages) INR 2,000 ( per page) USD 30 ( per page)


• During the registration of the paper, if scholars and participants want any help, they may call the Conference Coordinator in the mobile number given in the website, in between 10 A.M to 5 P.M IST.
• After depositing the registration fee, participants are required to send the scan copy of the registration fee receipt or transaction ID to specified conference mail id along with Paper ID details as a proof immediately.
• Modified paper will not be accepted after the final submission date.
• Maximum up to three authors/ co authors per paper is allowed for inclusion.
• For program schedule please visit the conference index page before one week of conference date.
• After expiry of registration date paper/registration will not be considered.

NOTE : We do not receive banker’s Cheque, demand draft or any kind of financial instruments towards the registration fee. Please transfer in the following PayPal account and send your registration details by email.

Fund Transfer Details
Account Number 00000037537824594
IFS Code SBIN0017941