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MDP On Management By Conciousness

December 13th, 2009 held at Hotel Presidency, Bhubaneswar

This MDP is organized by Interscience Institute of Management & Technology, Bhubaneswar with collaboration and guidance of an International Training & Research Institute called Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management for the first time in Orissa in order to draw some more lights in to management. Apart from drawing western management skills and technology, this MDP focuses Indian’s stand points to management ethics in a very practical manner highlighting the relevance of  consciousness. It endeavors to offer a solid foundation for a gradual building up one’s inner being and influencing it in organizational culture. Managers, when become conscious of different parts of their being they starts journey towards becoming enlightened leaders. They can manage with all the situations not only smoothly but also innovatively and intuitively, there-by creating a good environment for changing others in the line of the organizational goal and mission.

Eminent professors like, Prof. Saikat Sen,SAFIM, Sri Aurobindo Society Pondicherry and Smt  Smita Gupta from Delhi who had rich experience in this line in and abroad have conducted this work shop. They have conducted this programme in PPT, direct interaction with participants and also by practical demo classes with beautiful melodious musics. The programme inwardisation was very impressive to all the participants who continued to stay from 10 to 6 P.M till the workshop is over.
This course was attended Sr Scientists,Entrepreneurs, Functional Managers and Supervisors, involved with the process of  trend setting and decision making.  
In the MDP a detail discussion with practical classes were held for enabling the participants to understand what is Consciousness and its application in business practices. Demo classes were conducted to get access to inner state of being at the out set of this inner discovery. There were also life examples pertaining to different situations of corporate leaders how they take decision; and its lacunae for not taking a right decisions and ingredients for taking up right decisions in their day to day business practices.