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MDP on Project Human Resource and Communications Management

July 12-13, 2008 held at Hotel Presidency, Bhubaneswar


Project human resource management addresses the processes and functions needed to make most effective use of people involved with projects while project communications management addresses the need to ensure timely and appropriate development and dissemination of information. Each is inherently connected and reliant on the other in today’s project environment. Both are concerned with the assurance that the project includes the right people and that the people have the right information at the right time. In addition, both are concerned with the inclusion in the project of the processes required to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it is undertaken. This two-day course provides accepted and proven principles and techniques for the management of human resources and communications in projects to assure project success in terms of schedule, cost, quality and stakeholder satisfaction.

Overview & Objective

The purpose of this course was to provide accepted and proven principles and techniques for the management of human resources and communications in modern project management. Course outline of this MDP was as follows:

Organizational Issues: Introduction, Organizational Planning and Design, Staff Acquisition, Project Management Culture.

Project Team Issues: Team Development, Human Dimensions of Projects, Strategic HR, Motivation and Leadership Theories and Conflict and Stress Management.

Communications Management: Communicating and Communication Plans, Communications Planning, Information Distribution, Performance Reporting, Administrative Closure, Dimensions of Communication, Verbal and Written Communications, Listening and Project Meetings.

Dignitaries & Speakers

Eminent professors like, Prof. T. Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, Prof. J. Mahapatra, Department of Business Administration, Sambalpur University.and Dr. Adyasha Das, Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management, Bhubaneswar delivered talks on various areas of Human Resource and Communication Management.
This course was attended by practicing project managers, project team members, functional managers and supervisors, owners, contractors, suppliers and support personnel involved with the implementation and control of projects.