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Pre-Doctoral Workshop (For Researchers of Technology and Management pursuing Doctoral Research)

November 23, 2008 held at HOTEL PRESIDENCY, BHUBANESWAR


Research is defined as systematic, self critical enquiry, whether scientific or otherwise. The enquiry is aimed at understanding a thing or phenomenon or solving a problem and when an enquiry is aimed at understanding it, termed as basic or fundamental research, which pursues knowledge and may or may not have practical or commercial use. When the enquiry is aimed at applying the available knowledge for practical or commercial use, or for solving a problem faced in practice, it is termed as applied research. Many a times a research undertaken loses its focus primarily because of lack of a scientific approach. Right from collection of data, organizing research Ideas, interpretation of data to managing a hypothesis and documenting the dissertation requires methodical efforts and approach to the process of research.  A pre doctoral workshop is a platform to disseminate and discuss the right methods and practices of the conducting research.

Overview & Objective
The purpose of this workshop was to provide an exposure to the research scholars about the accepted and proven principles and techniques for undertaking research study.
  1. Identification of Problem and Formulation of Synopsis
  2. Survey and review of literature, Conduct of Field study
  3. Research methodology & Research techniques
  4. Various open areas of research and research laboratories conducting research in India
  5. Writing skills for research outcomes and documentation
  6. Communication with the journals and conferences
Dignitaries & Speakers

In the Pre-Doctoral Workshop, eminent professors like Prof. M. C. Dash, Former Vice Chancellor, Sambalpur University, Prof. P. K. Mohanty, Director (Academic), Biju Patnaik, University of Technology, Prof. Sanghamitra Mohanty, Professor and Prof. Sudarsan Padhy, Department of Computer Science, Utkal University delivered various topics such as review of literatures, tools and techniques, methodology and data analysis, writing synopsis, writing manuscripts and submission to the journals etc.